Abete 2 – Fir Tree 2 by Francesco Guarnieri

Abete 2Abete 2 – Fir Tree 2 by Francesco Guarnieri
Designer: Francesco Guarnieri Folder and Photographer: @Origami_Kids

Technique: unit origami, no cuts, no glue, It’s folded from 5 squares of origami green paper of different sizes: from top: 10cm x 10cm, 16cm x 16cm , 20cm x 20cm , 30cm x 30cm, 20cm x 20cm

How to fold:
Option 1 Diagram:
On his Flickr page Francesco Guarnieri has generously shared a Diagram of these models. Diagram Here!


Several parts of the tree 1) Unit 16x16cm Upper View 2) Unit 30x30cm Uper View 3) Top of the tree, Unit 10x10cm Uper View, 4) Unit 20x20cm Down View



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